Friday, 8 January 2016

An amazing money making opportunity in 2016!

This is a sponsored post
Become a broker, supplying customized promotional paper air freshner to companies, hotels, schools, churches, politicians etc starting with zero capital. Are you currently unemployed, underemployed, tired and sick of being broke or looking for a job? Then this is for you. I will like to congratulate you, because your search for a better life is over.

Do you want to start your personal business and you are looking for that hot idea that will require zero start-up capital? Search no more! Because you are about to start living your dreams, with this money spinning opportunity.
Are you into printing business already and you need an extra complimentary source of income? This opportunity will do “magic” to your bank account.
Are you an advert executive or you are operating an advertising agency? This opportunity is for you. Many of your clients are tired of the traditional advertising methods, they need something more creative, cheaper and yet effective
Do you supply promotional gift item products to companies?  This opportunity is what you have been waiting for.
CUSTOMIZED / PROMOTIONAL PAPER AIR FRESHENERS are  hung on the rear mirror of cars, in the toilet, inside any office like SCHOOLS, RECEPTION, BANKING HALL S, CHURCHES, SEMINAR HALLS, even in the LIVING ROOM using its SIGHT & SCENT QUALITIES to attract users.
Let us see how various organizations use paper air freshener to promote their businesses:
COMPANIES customize the paper air freshener either with their company logo or using their product. The paper air freshener can even take the shape of the company’s product. The customized paper air freshener is then given out to customers who hang them in their cars, offices and homes. The customers accept this promotional tool easily because of the scent value and when they display it, they unknowingly help the company to advertise their businesses.
HOTELS use the customized paper air freshener to promote their brand name hence they are able to attract more guest and patronage. It can be given to any guest that lodge sin the hotel
SCHOOLS use the customized paper air freshener to promote their brand name to create awareness and increase student enrolment. It can be given to parents of pupils or parents of potential students
CHURCHES use the customized paper air freshener to promote, create awareness and attract new members to church. It is used during evangelism. It is given as  gift to first timers to church.
POLITICIANS used paper air freshener during elections, customized with their picture, name, and party logo to promote their candidature and canvass for votes.
In order to apprehend the huge market potential for the customized paper air freshener. Can you pick up your pen right now…….write down the numbers of all the companies and businesses we have in Nigeria.
 Are you done?
Okay, add the names of all the private school, hotels, churches……. Just start writing. I can see you are already tired. You are now trying to imagine the size of the market…..the picture is clearer now. Wow!!! , this is mind blowing. The market is big!!!! This is a hot money making opportunity!  Simply put, the market for the paper air freshener is untapped!
How to make money as a broker:  Register with our company- Bethelmendels Int’l Ltd as a broker. Source for clients to supply the customized paper air freshener.  You could add a profit margin to your brokership price as your income on every supply. You do not need personal capital for each supply as Client-companies usually make upfront payment for production.
Brokers’ Registration fee- N20,000
Brokers’ registration package: Every registered broker will be provided with the following
1 5 physical samples of the customized paper air freshener to show to companies during presentation
2. Training support/ free marketing strategy manual
3. A sample proposal that could be adopted to send to companies
4. Brokers enjoy special price discount/ attractive profit margin
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