Saturday, 2 January 2016

Customer shares experience with Jankara and used products

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Others should to know my shocking experience on buying used goods online in Nigeria. I decided to get myself a laptop for my final year project as my previous one was acting up ,after 3 years of use, but all the ones i was seeing on other sites online were too heavy for my pocket. I had saved 40k and needed to get a laptop and a modem to help my researches go well

I was already losing hope on getting the laptop and my friends were already getting cranky because i was already using theirs and inconveniencing them of their own laptops.. A friend recommended the popular classified ad sites like olx, efritin and jiji but with the way a close friend was scammed on one of them i turned it down right away.. couldn't afford to be scammed on the money i had painstakingly saved.

There was nothing much i could do again till my project supervisor introduced me to, Nigeria's e-Market for trusted New and Used goods at an unbeatable offer.  after he was tired of all my laptop excuses for not turning in my chapters and updates on time... I was sceptic at first that which one is 'Jankara' again but since it was recommended by my supervisor, i checked the site our right away and was surprised i could get a suitable used laptop for N20,000..... I quickly ordered for the laptop right away and got it within 3 days.. To my surprise, for that amount, the laptop came in a clean condition and has been working perfectly for over 3 months nows... I turned in my project last week for my supervisor to read and make comments on... I am so happy.. This wouldn't have been possible if not for the recommendation and

I have turned Jankara to my second site, after Olowobaba Blog,as the deals there are so  amazing!!! I even got a lovely dress for my departmental dinner there for N2000, and a lovely shoe too and it wasn't a common dress or of an inferior quality..

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